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Projects for Palm OS


Why such an application?

Every user of the Palm Operating Systems knows the excellent To-Do application shipped with the PalmOS. Many people, including me, use it to keep track of things that need to be done. By taking advantage of categories it is possible to quickly find a specific item in a long list of to-dos. The major drawback is ... you can only create 16 categories. As I began working on multiple projects I needed to track "many" to-dos. Although as I mentioned, I was working with the categories in the To-Do application, I needed a more structured way of organizing my to-do items. And so, the idea of writing a new application was born.

Why this name?

At the beginning of writing such an application, I had a problem with what to name it. It should actually be named something like To-dos or To-Do+. At the time I started coding I was in my first practical semester, and where I worked everything was called a "project" ... so, after extending the application with a few features that are not part of the built-in To-Do app I decided to name it Projects.

A little bit of history...

In the first versions Projects was quite limited and used a different database format then the built-in To-Do app. As of version v1.5 the database format used in both apps is the same, so it is possible to work on the same to-do list in both applications. This may change in future versions, as there is a demand for certain features that require a new format for the database. However, version 1.8.1 is still compatible with versions down to v1.5. As of version 1.8.2 there is a small upgrade utility which needs to be run once to upgrade from version 1.8.1 or below.


Projects is independent of any other third party software on your PDA. All you need to run the application is a Palm OS compatible PDA with an OS version of 3.1 or higher.


If you have a version prior to v1.5 on your PDA, you'll need to delete the whole application and its data before upgrading!! Please use the default way to delete an application! Launch the ``Delete...'' menu item in the built-in application launcher to erase it from you handheld. Users of versions v1.5 and higher may simply reinstall the PRC to upgrade.


While every effort has been made to find and remove bugs from Projects, it is still under active development. You use it at your own risk! Since Projects is still under active development, there may be bugs which will cause your PDA to crash to the point where a hard reset is required. (Hard resets cause loss of all data on the PDA.)

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