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 Changing default categories does not effect anything. What's wrong?
  Well, that's ok. Modifying the default category names does not effect your already created projects. These category names are used to initialize to-do lists at the creation time of new projects. The names that you can see in the "Edit Def. Categories" dialog will be assigned to newly created to-do lists.
 Can I synchronize Projects' data with MS Outlook?
  No, you can't. There will be some general purpose converters in future.
 Can I create a template for new projects?
  Yes, you can. Simply create a new project named TemplateOne for example. Next time you want to create a project from the template, open TemplateOne and use the Duplicate menu item on the GeneralPage.
 How can I get notified about new version of Projects?
  All you need to do is to subscribe to the news-mailing list to get a message about new releases, beta versions and other things about the Projects software.
 Can I view or modify Projects' data on the desktop?
  At this time (Sep 1 2002) this is still not possible. There is still no official desktop application for this purpose.
 How can I load projects into my 'Palm Desktop' software?
  This is not possible.
 Can I move projects' to-dos to the built-in datebook and built-in todo application?
  Simple answer: Yes, you can. Select an to-do item, hit the Details... button and use the Exp. (Export) button on the appearing dialog. However, this will only copy that item, so it will not be deleted. Note that there is still no possibility to export more than one item at a time ... this is still to be implemented.
 Can I view to-dos of different projects at one time?
  Yes, you can. Make sure the projects you want to browse are listed on the MainForm and hit the ToDos button.
 Why are project names limited to 27 characters in length?
  Well, this lies in the nature of the operating system and projects together. The Palm OS does not allow database names to be longer as 32 characters. Projects appends the "PRJT" string to each database to distinguish it from other application databases. One character is reserved for the strings terminator. So it is not possible to have longer names.

Updated Sun, Jun 22 2003
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