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 Sun Jun 22 2003, v1.8.3e released
  In v1.8.3d there was still a problem with exporting to-do items. This release `v1.8.3e' should fix the problem permanently.
 Mon Jun 16 2003, v1.8.3d released
  Thanks to Carl Draus' detailed report there has been removed a bug which caused the application to crash or display nonsense items in a dynamic list upon export of a single to-do item. The v1.8.3d version is now available for beta testing. Please do not hesitate to give me any kind of feedback.
 Thu Oct 24 2002, v1.8.3c released
  Beta version released (v1.8.3c). This version contains full support for beaming (to-do items, memos and entire projects). Please give me a feedback if there is something wrong or just simply let me know that the beaming functionality works on a specific handheld device.
 Thu Oct 24 2002, v1.8.3a released
  Alpha version released to be tested. This version contains the support for beaming projects' to-dos and memos. The beaming of whole projects is not implemented yet.
 Wed Oct 23 2002, Online Converter
  Finally there is (at least) a way to view the to-dos of your projects on the desktop. To provide a way for all desktop users there is an online converter which create a html out of your projects pdb files. Just check out the 'Convert' link in the navigation bar.
 Mon 7 Oct 2002, stable v1.8.2 released
  After testing the a, b and c version the stable v1.8.2 has come out. The main improvement to it is the ability to edit and define your own project states. Because of this improvement it is neccessary to run the 'upgrade' tool provided with the release packages. Please do read the UPGRADE file before installing the new version.
 Monday 30 Sep 2002, ToDo2Memo application
  Juergen Schwister, the author of various utilities for the PalmOS has extended his ToDo2Memo application to deal with projects' todo lists. You can download the application itself from palmgear or visit Juergen's web page.
 Wednesday 18 Sep 2002, v1.8.2b released
  Small improvements and filtering of to-dos on the QuickView as well as filtering projects by states are available in this version. This will probably become the v1.8.2 stable version.
 Monday 16 Sep 2002, v1.8.2a released
  Here is a 'beta' version of Projects that has some new features implemented and needs to be tested. You can define the projects' states yourself. Further the projects list can be sorted also by the end date. Please do read the UPGRADE file as there has been some changes that needs to be fixed before running the version. Currently only the English version for 'normal' handhelds is available. Others will follow soon.
 Tuesday 3 Sep 2002, v1.8.1 stable released
  Finally the stable version v1.8.1 has been released which contains some bug fixes and an improved QuickView. For more information on the chages read the NEWS file included in the distribution packages.
 Thursday 28 Aug 2002, New beta with JogDial support
  The home page for Projects has been complete rewritten. Many thanks to Olivier Sessink, the author of Bluefish.
 Wednesday 28 Aug 2002, New beta with JogDial support
  There has been a new version of the v1.8.1beta release which is mainly interesting for Sony and HandEra330 users. The files released contain support for the JogDial available on Sony and HandEra330 devices.
 Friday, 16 Aug 2002, Projects active again
  After almost one year of being stopped due my semester at school Projects has become active again. The new version released reads v1.8.0 and contains a lot of improvements.

Updated Sun, Jun 22 2003
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