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 Carl Draus, "cdraus (at)"
  Carl has made an excellent bug report which led me excactly to the place in code where one line of code has caused errors. Many thanks for the efforts.
 Gordon Dykstra, "kudzu (at)"
  Gordon has helped me a lot with the documentation and made many correntions on it. Thank you for the great work!
 Nancy Kotary, "nancy (at)"
  Many thanks to Nancy who has greatly motivated me to implement the 'edit project states' feature.
 Juergen Schwister, "juergen.schwister (at)"
  Juergen has modified his ToDo2Memo application thus way it can handle Projects' to-do lists. Many thanks, Juergen.
 Fabien Guittard, "fabz (at)"
  Fabien has translated the README file into French for the v1.8.1 release and has worked on the resources for the v1.8.2.
 Brian Hetrick, "brian (at)"
  Lastly I received a nice mail from Brian who has written a first-time tutorial for new users ...

... I wrote a short English tutorial for my PDA-challenged partner, and thought it might be of some use to others. It takes the form of initial databases to be installed along with the application. Feel free to use it with or without attribution ...

You can download the TutorialPRJT.pdb and install it on your PDA. After that you need to launch the Scan for DBs menu item on the MainForm and you will see a new project called Tutorial. Be careful! Make sure you don't have already a project called Tutorial before installing.

Only if you do not have any projects yet you can install the Projects-PRJT-DB.pdb file. No need to scan for new databases is necessary and the tutorial will contain a Memo.

Brian has also greatly supported the development of the beaming functionality in Projects. I am very thankful to him for sending me an m100 device. He made it possible at all. Thank You!
 Manuel Giorgini, "giorgini (at)"
  Manuel is the translator of Projects into Italian and has helped me a lot with the v1.7 version.
 Eric Santonacci, "Eric.Santonacci (at)"
  Eric has greatly helped me with the converters and is the translator of Projects into French.
 Alois Novotnik, Eva Tesar-Novotnik, Horst Kahl
  Many thanks to my parents and my uncle for being wonderful people! This project (and many other things in my life) would not be possible without you. A thousand thanks for all!
 ... last but not least ...
  ... there are many people I want to thank for testing beta versions, giving me a feedback and discussing new features and other things with me.

Updated Sun, Jun 22 2003
"Peter Novotnik "peternov1 (at)"