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 What is currently in progress?
  There is an attempt to build a desktop application for displaying and modifying projects' To-Do lists. The application itself will run under Linux and will require gtk+ 2.0.
  The project's SourceForge CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. The module you wish to check out must be specified as the modulename. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key

cvs login

cvs -z3 co modulename

Browsing the CVS tree gives you a great view into the current status of this project's sources. You may also view the complete histories of any file in the repository.
  Development of Projects has been hosted at SourceForge for some time. SourceForge is a hosting site for many Open Source software projects provided by VA Linux Systems, Inc. Projects' particular project page on SourceForge is:
  The code for the Projects application is currently splitted into several parts. Flags can be used to exclude or include those parts from the code at compilation time. Here is a brief description of each flag.

    • Support for color.
    • If you compile with this flag and use the PRC on a device not supporting colors the version will still be running on that device.
    • If this flag is not defined the minimal required Palm OS version will be 3.5, else it will be 3.1.
    • On OS versions greater or equal to 3.5 masked table rows are supported for example.
    • If defined at compile time, the final PRC will have the extended about dialog which can list the flags defined at compile time.
    • If you do not define this flag the final PRC will be about 1KB smaller in size.
    • You should always define this flag to see the build details and to be able to report bugs.
    • If defined, dialogs will have a small "i" icon to support the user with a help message.
    • If defined, the below listed features will be available
      • If possible, icons will be added to the menu command bar to enable a menu item selection via this command bar (only available on OS versions 3.5 or greater).
      • Items marked complete will be stroked out with a small delay, thus causing a short animation (of course only if complete items should be hidden).
      • A small (only 5 pixel wide) column will be visible on the todo page. Tapping this will let you change the category of the appropriate to-do on the fly.
    • If defined, the QuickView will be included in the version.
    • If not defined, the Default Categories dialog won't be included in the version. Excluding this dialog saves about 3KB.
    • If not defined, you will not be able to edit the projects' states. You will be forced to use the predefined states. If this flags is used at compilation time you can edit the state names just the way you can edit category names.
    • Support for high-resolution screens on Sony devices.
    • If building a Sony version, you can undefine the CONFIG_OS_BELOW_35 flag as those devices come out only with OS version 3.5 or greater.
    • Support for QVGA high-resolution screen and Silk found on HandEra330 devices.
    • If building a HandEra version, you can undefine the CONFIG_OS_BELOW_35 flag as the above mentioned features are only available on OS versions 3.5 or greater.
    • If building a HandEra version, you can also undefine the CONFIG_COLOR flag as HandEra devices do not support colors.
    • Support for JogDial found on Sony and HandEra330 devices.
    • You need to define CONFIG_SONY or CONFIG_HANDERA to make a build with this flag. However you must define only one of them, not both at the same time.


Updated Sun, Jun 22 2003
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