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 v1.8.2 - Oct 7th 2002
  • Ability to edit and define custom project states
  • New types and minor changes on the sort orders
  • Upgrade utility
  • Filtering of to-dos by priority (on QuickView)
  • Filtering projects by their states (on MainForm)
  • Slight changes on exporting to-do items
  • Exporing to-do items to the built-in Memo application
  • Assigning "Two days latere" due date (to to-do items) via popup list (on ToDoPage)

 v1.8.1 - Sep 3rd 2002
  • Category column on MainForm and ToDoPage added
  • "Sorting by categories" support for Projects and to-dos
  • Remember current category of a project
  • Support for HandEra330 (QVGA support)
  • Category selection for each project on the QuickView
  • Extented about dialog shortened to show only defined flags
  • Bug fix on the ToDoPage; sometimes the cursor got 'stucked' (fixed)
  • Italian and French translation

 v1.8.0 - Aug 16th 2002
  • Required Palm OS version 3.1 or greater
  • QuickView of to-dos of different projects
  • Full support for global find and goto
  • Export to-do items to built-in Datebook application
  • Support for Sony's high-resolution screen
  • Support for colors

 v1.7 - Oct 25th 2001
  • Required Palm OS version 3.0 or greater
  • Import Memo from the built-in Memo application
  • Export to-do items to other projects and the built-in To-Do application
  • Datewheel for projects' begin and end date
  • Better error handling when a database cannot be found
  • Searching for projects by inserting a character on the MainForm

 v1.6 - Oct 2nd 2001
  • Global find and goto on projects' memos and names
  • minor bug fixes
  • Duplicating projects
  • Sort projects by hand (manually) on the MainForm like in the built-in Memo application

 v1.5 - Oct 27th 2001
  • Many internal improvements
  • Bug fix on remembering font on the MemoPage
  • Bug fix on computation of fields on the ToDoPage
  • German version (thanks to Carsten Schlegel)

 v1.4 - ???
  • This version number has not been used. There has never been such a version.

 v1.0 ... v1.3 - ???
  • These versions and the compatibility to them are not supported anymore!


Updated Sun, Jun 22 2003
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