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Projects for Palm OS
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About dialog

Tho most valuable information in the About dialog is the description of the flags used to build the version. At the time of this writing the source code for Projects is designed to support the following flags:


This shows the error check level. For release versions you should find an ERROR_CHECK_NONE. For any other versions there may be a ERROR_CHECK_FULL. Building a version with no error checking results in a smaller and faster PRC.


This flag indicates whether the version supports colors or not.


If this flag is used the resulting PRC will run on OS 3.1 or higher. If it was not used, the Projects version requires a minimum OS version of 3.5.


Well, if this flag has not been used to build the version, there will just be a plain "About" dialog, not showing you any of the flags. However, the PRC will be about 1KB smaller.


If set, dialogs will have an "i" icon in its title bar supplying you with some help messages.


If this flag has been used the following features are available:

  • On the MainForm and the ToDo Page the "MenuCmdBar" will be filled with some icons/buttons.

  • On the form showing you all to-do items across projects boundaries (QuickView), checking items but hiding them will result in a small animation (striking that item and then removing it from view).

  • A small (only 5 pixel wide) column will be visible on the ToDo Page. Tapping this will let you change the category of the appropriate to-do on the fly.


If this flag was defined, the QuickView will be included in the version.


If defined you will be able to set default categories for new to-do lists.


If not defined, you will not be able to edit the projects' states. You will be forced to use the predefined states. If this flags is used at compilation time you can edit the state names the same way you can edit category names.


If set the version supports Sony's high resolution screen.


If this is used to build a version, it will support HandEra330's high resolution screen.


If this flag is used at compilation time, the final PRC will support the JogDial that is available on Sony and HandEra330 devices. This flag is always used together with CONFIG_SONY or CONFIG_HANDERA.

Also notable is the build date. Please, when making reports about bugs or some other issues, mention the version and the build date as well as the flags that were used to build your version, so I can find out what's wrong more quickly. Thanks.

Updated Sun Mar 9 11:03:46 CET 2003
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