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Projects for Palm OS
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There are many people I want to thank for being with me and helping me with this project directly or indirectly.

First of all, special thanks to Eva Tesar-Novotnik and Alois Novotnik for being wonderful parents and supporting me in every way as well as my uncle Horst Kahl for animating me to go beyond the possible as of my point of view.

A great thanks goes to Brian Hetrick, who has independently written an first time tutorial and send me an palm to start implementing the beaming functionality. I just couldn't believe it! A million thanks, Brian!

Furhter I want to thank Manuel Giorgini who translated Projects into Italian and also helped me with many things.

For the french translation and help with the converters my thanks belong to Eric Santonacci.

The idea to translate Projects into German came from Carsten Schlegl who also helped me a lot with it. Thanks!

Gordon Dykstra has helped with the english Projects documentation. I greatly appriciate his work and want to thank him for it.

Also a special thank to the SourceForge team for supporting many projects and being great!

Last but not least, a thousand thanks to all people that gave me feedback about the application. Feedback makes it possible to improve the application.

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