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Tips & Tricks

How to integrate the built-in To-Do list into Projects?

NOTE: Please, make a backup of your built-in to-do list before trying this!

I've been often asked how someone can import items from the To-Do application. Well, there are reasons why Projects does not do this by default, but doing yourself is not tricky and takes just a couple of minutes. You will need a file managment tool like Filez. You can download this freeware application from

  1. Create a new project which will later receive the built-in to-do list. Let's assume for this example that you've named the project "myOldToDos".

  2. Now launch Filez or your favourite file managment tool and find the "myOldToDosPRJT" file.

  3. Delete the file "myOldToDosPRJT".

  4. Now find the file "ToDoDB". This is the to-do list created by the built-in To-Do application.

  5. Rename the "ToDoDB" to "myOldToDosPRJT".

After these steps you should be able to open the "myOldToDos" project, in Projects and see the list of your to-dos from the built-in To-Do application. Now choose the Rescan ToDos menu item on the ToDo Page to update the ToDo information displayed on the MainForm of Projects.

Furthermore, you should be able to open the built-in application and see the same list. Now you are able to modify the list through both applications. This may result in some incorrect ToDo information. However this is not problematic, as Projects does not rely on this information to function properly, so nothing happens. To correct this information in Projects, use the Rescan ToDos menu item on the ToDo Page.

If you have a new, empty list in the built-in To-Do application, and don't want to be able to modify your to-do list with both applications (only with Projects), you may also do this: Change the creatorID of the renamed database to "PRJT" and its dataID to "DATA".

Updated Sun Mar 9 11:03:46 CET 2003
"Peter Novotnik "peternov1 (at)"