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 Latest News
  In v1.8.3d there was still a problem with exporting to-do items. This release `v1.8.3e' should fix the problem permanently.
  Projects is a standalone application for the Palm Operating System. It should help people to keep track of what needs to be done for a project or task. Projects itself is kept very similar to the built-in To-Do application on Palm powered PDAs. The main difference between these two apps is that Projects keeps more than one list of to-dos. Beside the to-do list each project also stores a memo text. In the current version there is only one memo for a project, future version may probably hold a list of memos for each project.

Although there are two converters, they are not officially supported. They do nothing more than converting projects' to-do databases into a format as CSV (Comma Separated Value) and XML that desktop applications understand . The source code for these two tools (prjt2xml and prjt2csv) can be checked out from the CVS repository.

Projects is Free Software provided under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPL). To learn more about the GPL license, read the 'COPYING' file which is included in the release packages or visit to read more about the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation.
  Latest stable release: v1.8.2
Latest beta release: v1.8.3e
  Juergen Schwister, the author of various utilities for the PalmOS has extended his ToDo2Memo application to deal with projects' todo lists. This application exports all to-do items of an project or the built-in ToDo application into the Memo application. You can download the application itself from palmgear or visit Juergen's web page.
  If you think Projects is good or that it is not or you have a suggestion or a comment so send a email to "projects4palmos (at)".

You can also write a feature or support request which I'll try to reply to as soon as possible.

If you would like to know when a new version has been released you can subscribe to the 'news' mailing list where I post notifications about new releases and beta versions.
  As of version v.1.8.0 Projects requires Palm OS version 3.1 or higher. However there are builds that require a Palm OS version 3.5.

To build your own version of Projects you'll need PRC-Tools 2.0 or greater, the Palm SDK 3.5 or greater and the pilrc resource compiler. The currently released versions are build with PRC-Tools 2.2, Palm SDK 4.0 and PILRC 2.9p2.

Note that if you've got a version 1.3 or below of Projects which was called ProPlanner at that time, you must delete it and all data associated with it or upgrading will not work.
 Users' comments
  If you want to see what others think about Projects simply go to freewarepalm or palmgear or handango or pdassi or skali.

Updated Sun, Jun 22 2003
"Peter Novotnik "peternov1 (at)"